About Cleary

Cleary School is a private, state supported program that has served the Deaf community of Long Island since 1925.

Viewing all children as unique and individualized learners, we provide access to language, communication and learning for students from birth to 21 years of age,

striving to prepare children who are deaf to become active and contributing members of society.  

Our BeliefsOur Mission
Cleary School for the Deaf believes that all students have the right to a quality education that will support their ability to thrive independently.To provide access to language, communication and learning that will prepare students for essential academic and life skills.

Administrative Team:

Dr. Jacqueline Simms – Executive Director 

Ms. Alise Becker-Santa – Admin of Pupil Personnel Services 

Ms. Kathleen Kerzner – Principal 

Ms. Alison Hurley – Assistant Principal 

Ms. Naden Naj-Baldeo – Director of Operations